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The Valley Accommodation Unit

Team up to share costs

*****COVID-19 Update. Our Tenancy Share Staff are still here to help single people looking to share accommodation within the private rented sector. If you need any advice and guidance on this, please contact our staff at Fife Private Rental Solutions*****

Sharing private rental accommodation is far cheaper than paying all the bills yourself on a single occupant property.

Local housing allowance for under 35s does not cover a property bigger than one person needs, so it makes financial sense to team up and divide rental costs.

Sharing also lessens the feeling of isolation, gives you support at home and offers the opportunity to make new friends.

Trust in Fife’s Tenancy Share scheme helps introduce you to potential sharers, find others in a similar situation and guide you through the process of finding shared private rental accommodation. Our staff will even help you find suitable accommodation, liaise with landlords and provide support during and after your move.

If you are under 35, on low income or benefits and would like help to find shared accommodation, you’re welcome to attend drop-in advice workshops at our Valley Accommodation Unit in Kirkcaldy.

We’re here to talk you through everything from pre-tenancy information for sharers to access to Fife Private Rental Soluntions, our Private Rented Sector Hub.

We might be able to offer you a temporary place to stay at our Valley Accommodation Unit, and if not we will add your name to our Tenancy Share waiting list and advise you on where to find another place to stay.


Tenancy Share

What advice do drop-in sessions offer?

We tailor our information sessions to suit your individual needs, experience and knowledge of housing.

Topics covered may include:

  • What is involved in a shared tenancy? Budgeting, finances and shared expenses
  • Rights and responsibilities
  • Legal paperwork involved in a tenancy and landlords’ responsibilities
  • Fife Private Renatal Solutions our Private Rented Sector Hub
  • Finding a home and things to consider when looking for a property

Staff within the Tenancy Share team can also assist with property searches and attend viewings.

How can I be referred to Tenancy Share?

The first step is to approach Fife Private Rental Solutions direct or Fife Council’s local office, where staff there will talk you through a Prevention First assessment. Please let them know you are interested in the Tenancy Share scheme.

If you are already registered homeless, please ask your Homeless Prevention Officer for a referral to Tenancy Share or contact us directly.

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