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Fife Private Rental Solutions

Fife Private Rental Solutions (FPRS)

Fife’s Ethical Letting Agent and Private Rented Sector Advice Hub,

Fife Private Rental Solutions

Helping you with private rented sector housing issues, Fife Private Rental Solutions is a new, more expansive and inclusive, private rented sector housing advice hub and Ethical Letting Agent

. If you wish assistance from the team please either use the contact form provided on the landlord or tenant page, call 01592 201849, email the team at info@fprs.co.uk, or contact via Facebook or Twitter. LARN2309008


Fife Private Rental Solutions cover the whole of Fife and can assist any person who has an interest in the private rented sector. The team can help with:


  • Advice and guidance on best housing options
  • Identifying a suitable property
  • A Deposit Guarantee (in lieu of cash deposits)
  • Rent Resolution
  • Issue Resolution/Mediation between Tenant and Landlord
  • Advice service for Landlords

How can I apply?

Assistance can be sought from Fife Private Rental Solutions in the following ways:

  1. Direct to Fife Private Rental Solutions by completing the Web Enquiry Form at the bottom of our tenants or landlords page,
  2. By telephoning 01592 201849
  3. Via Facebook or Twitter
  4. Alternatively, if you are working with Fife Council’s Housing Options Officers, they can refer you to us directly.

For more tenant specific information click HERE, or for landlord specific information click HERE. Alternatively you can access our leafet HERE.

Trust in Fife recently surveyed clients helped by our deposit guarantee scheme. It covers January - December 2021 and you can read it here: Sustainability Report 2023

Our friendly experienced staff team are ready to assist with any information relating to private rented property. The team is made up of:

Senior Housing Consultants

Ben Moffatt and Kathy Hutson

Between them, Fife Private Rental Solutions’ Senior Housing Consultants Kathy and Ben, have 45 years of experience in housing. Kathy’s background started in homelessness and supported temporary accommodation, and Ben's as a letting agent. As Senior Housing Consultants, they oversee all FPRS case work, lead the redesign and development of the service and regularly assist with service queries with a view to negotiating sustainability within the private rented sector. Both are committed to the improvement of privately rented accommodation and work hard to provide a service which ensures up to date information and assistance is provided to all tenants, landlords and Agencies within Fife, and to promote the private rented sector as a sustainable housing option.

Letting Officer

Norah McGaw

Having recently joined the team as Lettings Officer, I look forward to developing this role within the expanding FPRS service. I have worked in the private rental sector for over 15 years so bring extensive experience in property management. I will be responsible for providing guidance and information to new and existing landlords with enquiries related to properties in the private sector. This may be in the form of keeping up to date with current legislation, finding suitable tenants and preparing for a new tenancy, to negotiations with rent debt resolution. I look forward to assisting landlords navigate the private rental sector and promoting the FPRS service throughout Fife. - Norah

Tenancy Management Officers

Alison Allison and Jodi Lawrence

My background for over 20 years was in social care, and I have more recently been with Trust in Fife for over 3 years. The role as a Tenancy Management Officer is diverse, and incorporates liaising with tenants and Landlords, ensuring the smooth transition into a tenancy and set up of housing costs to enable sustainability. I have a good knowledge of the Welfare and Benefits system and employ this where appropriate to aid application of enhanced benefits for clients with additional needs, and when assisting to apply through alternative funding sources. By networking with other local Agencies, it affords our clients the all-round service required to sustain their tenancies. – Alison

I am new to the role of a Tenancy Management Officer with FPRS. I come from a background in social care, working with vulnerable people of all ages and needs. I wanted to transfer the skills I gained in the care sector and have a new challenge, working in the private rented sector. I will be working alongside the other Tenancy Management officers to provide information on how a private let can be a sustainable housing option. I have an added interest in assisting those who have limited mobility, who need advice and assistance regarding finding the right property to suit their needs. - Jodi

Frequently Asked Questions

Here at Fife Private Rental Solutions, we want to help both landlords and clients by offering advice and guidance. To help with this, we have collated a number of frequently asked questions for you to access.

Landlords click here

Clients click here

Rent Resolution Application

If you are a landlord or tenant, you can contact us free of charge by using the Resolution Application. The form asks you if you are the tenant or landlord, some basic details about the issue and the key contact details.

We will contact your landlord or tenant to see if they are willing to work with us to resolve the rent arrears issues.

Resolution may take the path of an agreed payment plan, or it could involve assisting the tenant to secure or update their income through use of DWP.

In the unfortunate event that a resolution is not found or agreed, FPRS will provide the landlord with written documentation outlining the attempts made to resolve the rent arrears with the tenant. This may be useful evidence should legal action be required in the event of a failure to resolve the rent arrears.

​If the other party chooses not to engage, we will notify you and close the case as we will not be able to help if the other party choses not to join the discussion, however we will provide advice to any individual so they may attempt a resolution through other means.

If both the tenant and landlord are happy to engage, we will schedule a telephone appointment to discuss whether a mutually agreeable payment plan towards the rent arrears can be negotiated, thus avoiding the need to proceed with any legal action.

In some cases, the parties may only wish to speak with FPRS, if this is the case, we will undertake follow up conversations with all parties involved.

If a payment plan is agreed, we will write up a Settlement Agreement for both parties to sign their mutual agreement to.

Get in touch about Rent Resolution Form

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